What is Polysilicone 11, and what does it do


What is Polysilicone 11, and what does it do? Polysilicon 11, a silicone-based high-performance polymer, has gained increasing popularity in the cosmetics sector. Polysilicone-11, also known as crosslinked siloxane, is formed when vinyl-terminated silicone reacts with methyl hydroxydimethyl siloxane (in the presence of Cyclomethicone). Key Features This product has the ability to reduce surface tension

who is Josef Newgarden and who win sundays indy 500

Josef Newgarden

Who is Josef Newgarden? Josef Newgarden was the winner of Sunday’s Indy 500. He is married Ashley Newgarden, and they have a son named Kota Nicolai Newgarden. Josef Newgarden, won the Indy 500 in 2023 after three accidents on the 16 final laps. He overtook Marcus Ericsson in the final lap. The veteran Team Penske