Angelina Jolie goes on a smear campaign against Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie goes on a smear campaign against Brad Pitt, rehashing the similar charges she’s made for years– charges that have failed with authorities– according to sources close to Brad.

Angelina Jolie goes on a smear campaign against Brad Pitt
Angelina Jolie goes on a smear campaign against Brad Pitt


Our sources say Angelina’s repeated attempts to paint Brad as a child abuser have taken an extreme cost on their 6 kids, who are now all but separated from their dad. As one source put it, Brad now has a “limited and strained relationship, because of her campaign of the breach.”

The sources explain. Angelina has claimed since 2016. That Brad got physical with at least one of their kids on a private plane and even poured beer on her. Brad has denied the Charges, but Angelina pressed authorities to prosecute him. The FBI examined and concluded the allegations were not enough to proceed.

Angelina Jolie with her kids
Angelina Jolie with her kids

Our sources say there was also an Research by the Dept. of Kid & Family Services which was closed out because of a lack of evidence. Angelina then went to family court in an attempt to convince the judge in the divorce case that Brad was an unfit parent who should not get any custody. The judge listened closely to the evidence and gave them 50/50 custody . essentially rejecting Angelina’s claims of abuse.

She then filed what she thought was anonymous freedom of information lawsuit opposed to the FBI, asking to make public her allegations regarding the private plane incident.

And just yesterday, she filed legal docs about a dispute over a winery they jointly possess. As our sources say, the winery lawsuit has “zero” to carry out with her allegations of abuse, yet she described her claims in great detail.

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The sources say it’s clear . all Angelina wants is vengeance against Brad. The sources say somehow Angelina has succeeded, because despite having 50/50 custody, they believe Angelina has poisoned the kids against Brad to the issue he has little to no connection with any of them, and the victims are the entire family.

Another thing. the sources mention, Brad has never publicly uttered a bad word about Angelina, for the sake of their kids. They include, however, he’s heavily wounded by what he believes is a vicious, unrelenting attack.

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