China criticizes US plans for trade deal with Taiwan 2023

China criticizes US plans for trade deal with Taiwan. The Chinese government has criticized the US plan to sign a trade deal with Taiwan, calling on Washington to cut ties with the democratic government and the self-governing island.
China criticizes US plans for trade deal with Taiwan
China criticizes US plans for trade deal with Taiwan


China’s government has criticized US plans to sign a trade deal with Taiwan and called on Washington on June 1 to cut all government ties to the democratic island that Beijing claims as part of its territory.

The agreement will be signed on June 1 despite China’s efforts to intimidate Taiwan by flying fighter jets and bombers close to the island. is a global center of modern industry. American and European politicians have traveled to Taiwan to show their support for their elected government.

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China’s foreign ministry has accused Washington of violating the status quo agreement on Taiwan, which fell to the ground in 1949 after a civil war. The United States does not have diplomatic relations with Taiwan, but maintains informal ties and annual trade worth billions of dollars.

“The United States should stop any kind of communication with Taiwan, refrain from negotiating a diplomatic or diplomatic agreement with Taiwan, and refrain from sending the Taiwan Liberation Army.” . Taiwan has never been part of the Republic of China, but the ruling Communist Party says the island is being forced to unite with China, by force if necessary. Beijing has threatened to attack if Taiwan declares independence or delays reunification talks. US and Taiwanese officials say the US-Taiwanese 21st Century Trade Initiative will increase trade by simplifying customs, investment and other regulations.

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According to the government of Taiwan, employees of non-governmental organizations that represent the two governments will sign a program of trade officials from both sides will come.

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