Deion Jones trade for the Falcons

Deion Jones trade for the Falcons

Deion Jones trade for the Falcons. The Atlanta Falcons are trading away their former second-round pick in 2016 Dion Jones to the Cleveland Brown in  2019 Dion Jones signed a four-year 57  million dollar contract extension with  the Atlanta Falcons the former pro bowler is currently on injured reserve and could return at any moment because it is week five in the regular season

Deion Jones trade for the Falcons
Deion Jones trade for the Falcons

the Falcons have been trying to trade Dion Jones for some time but were unable  to find a trade partner earlier in the off-season but the Cleveland Browns have  decided that they need some help at  linebacker since they struggled  to defend the run in this previous  Chargers game the Chargers all together  were able to put up 238 rushing yards  against the Cleveland Browns that is not  gonna cut it and so they decided to make  some big moves in pick up Dion Jones the  former pro bowler Jones is in the final  year of his contract

the Falcons  were not looking like they had him in  their future plans they’ve been playing  McCall Walker the linebacker from Fresno  State for the majority of the game games  this season along with Rashawn Evans and  even recently you’ve started to see the  second round pick in 2022 Troy Anderson  get in the mix at linebacker as well

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the  question is why have teams been hesitant  to trade for Dion Jones in the off  season they would have had to absorb his  14 million dollar cap head if they would  have traded from the offseason the Falcons eventually had to restructure  his contract and now the Browns will be  getting this guy for his steal only a  million dollars counted against their  cap for Dion Jones we know Dion Jones  had shoulder surgery this past off  season so maybe that’s why teams didn’t  want to risk taking on that 14 million  dollar cap hit

now the Cleveland  Browns could perhaps get a steal get a  former pro bowl line backer at a position  of need on their defense for only one  million against the cap and apparently  we don’t know the exact type of round  the trade pick was for Dion Jones but we  do know as a late round pick so you get  Pro Bowl talent for a late round pick  and only a million dollars against the  cap there is nothing better than that

however there is a chance that the  Falcons know something that the rest of  the NFL does not maybe that’s why they  decided to have players like McCall  Walker step in and be the starter at the line backer position instead of Dion Jones baby Dion Jones is banged up and  the Falcons are getting something for nothing here the Browns will look to face the Patriots this upcoming week and maybe Dion Jones could help them against  the Run game because you know New  England is going to be relying on that  since they’ve been rolling with bayley  zappy at quarterback

Falcons fans  are honestly too pissed to care that  their former pro pool line backer is  being traded because they just got  totally screwed over by the refs in a  game against the Buccaneers you even  have Cordell Patterson star running back  at the Atlanta Falcons posting on  Twitter Jerome booger the referee who  called that ridiculous roughing the  passer call he’s got this guy as his  profile picture on Twitter so you know  the Falcons are still upset about that  and Arthur Smith really had nothing to  say about the roughing the passer call  at the press conference because you know  this guy could get fined people can get  fined if they complain about the  officiating which is kind of BS but you  gotta play it safe.

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