How do I send DD Daily Deviations?

How do I send DD Daily Deviations?

How do I send DD Daily Deviations? Each and every day, a variety of pieces are picked by a select group of Community Volunteers or staff members to display to the community-at-large– these are the Daily Deviations!

How do I send DD  Daily Deviations?
How do I send DD  Daily Deviations?

What is DD Daily Deviation?

A Daily Deviation is meant to give an artist an opportunity to be seen by a huge part of the community. Because not everyone has the same tastes, you may not cherish every piece picked as a Daily Deviation.

if you find any issue with a particular Daily Deviation

If you have an issue with a particular Daily Deviation feature, do NOT leave your disapproval among the other comments on the item. It is rude to the artist featured, the person who picked it, and the person that recommended it.

If you should voice your disapproval of a chosen feature, please note Moonbeam13. Except if the image breaches DeviantArt’s policies, it is highly unlikely it will be extracted.

How Daily Deviations are selected

Daily Deviations are selected from a pool of suggestions, featuring ones made by deviants like you. If you think a certain type of artwork is being overlooked or under-represented, please do not hesitate to offer suggestions by noting Moonbeam13.

Daily Deviation  DD Suggestion Guidelines

  1. There certainly is a “6-month rule,” which implies an artist can not receive another DD if they have had one in the last 6 months.
  2. Daily Deviation selectors are restricted to a maximum of one selection each day. This has been implemented to focus on quality vs quantity.
  3. If there is nobody appointed to an area you wish to suggest a DD to, please note Moonbeam13 with your DD suggestion.
  4. Please suggest to just one person. Do not send the same suggestion to several people, as it causes great complication.
  5. Anyone can suggest a Daily Deviation and self-suggesting is not only allowed but motivated!

Who to send your DD suggestions to:

If you have any kind of suggestions please mail me. Thanks

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