How Old is DD Osama and what is his Real Name, who is his Gf 2023

DD Osama’s Short Bio

DD Osama also known as David Reyes, is an American rapper, hip-hop artist, and social media celebrity.

Although the professional career is in its beginning stage, he has accumulated an impressive amount of attention through his most well-known rap, “Without You, and” “40s N 9s,” with more than 1 million views per day on his YouTube channel.

How Old is DD Osama and what is his Real Name
How Old is DD Osama and what is his Real Name


The hip-hop star of the moment has earned more than 600k YouTube subscribers as well as more than one million fans on Instagram in the last year.

DD Osama is a Growing rapper in the world of hip-hop. His love for hip-hop started in his early years and he swiftly came up with a distinctive style that mixes elements of the classic Detroit hip-hop with more contemporary music and styles.

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He often draws on his personal experiences to create an empathetic and personal style of music. His music is described as a mix of pop, trap and R&B with a strong emphasis on hip-hop.

Over the years,  DD Osama has worked with lots of other producers and artists like Tee Grizzley, JMSN, and Sada Baby.

DD Osama also has collaborated with very famous producers like : The Alchemist, Hit-Boy, and Cardo Got Wings.

How Old  is DD Osama and what is his Real Name?

DD Osama was born on November 29, 2006 in Harlem, New York the real name for DD Osama is David Reyes. At the time of writing, 2023 DD Osama is 16 years old and has already made it in the music industry.

How Old is DD Osama and what is his Real Name, who is his Gf
How Old is DD Osama and what is his Real Name, who is his Gf

Who is Rapper who is DD Osama’s Girl’s close to?

The marital status of DD Osama is not married. He is in a relationship with one woman. The name of DD Osama’s girlfriend is Aniyah She is also a well-known TikTok celebrity who hails from The United States.

Who is DD Osama Father and Mother?

The father’s name for DD Osama is his name is Mr. Osama, a businessman and his mom’s title is Crimsley Martinez who is a real estate agent. There are two brothers named Ethan Reyes(who passed away on July 9, 2022) and Notti Osama. There are three step-sisters who’s names are not yet known.

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DD Osama Wikipedia and Who Is He?

DD Osama is an American rapper who came to fame for the collaborations with brother Ethan Reye popularly known as Notti Osama.

The duo is famous for their pulsating rhythms, and their clever songs that have earned them an ardent fan base through social networks.

DD Osama began releasing music professionally in 2022 and quickly gained recognition in the music industry. One of his early achievements was appearing on the hit track “PARTY IN THE USA,” which allowed him to achieve recognition and an even larger fan base.

DD is part of the Notti World collective, a group of musicians committed to making unique and innovative music. Music videos by DD have been watched over 200 million times via his own YouTube channel.

Up to date, one of DD’s most listened-to tracks is “Dead Opps,” an original track he composed together with His sister Notti Osama. The track is famous for its ominous, dark style and provocative lyrics which lash out at their adversaries with clever wordplay.

The “Dead Opps” music video was released on the 12th of July 2022. It has been watched over 14 million times via YouTube.

Osama has amassed more than 1 million fans on the Instagram account. The bio of the singer pays homage to his deceased brother Notti Osama, as well as Edotbaby in a way that suggests that his musical path is inspired by the desire to honour their achievements.

The collaborations DD has had with Notti Osama, as well as his contribution towards his participation in the Notti World collective has helped to establish him as an emerging superstar in the hip-hop world.

How Old is DD Osama and what is his Real Name, who is his Gf
How Old is DD Osama and what is his Real Name, who is his Gf

DD Osama Net Worth 2023  and How Much Does He Earn 2023

The renowned musician DD is an emerging star in the world of rap took the music world by storm with his extraordinary ability and musical talent.

Even even though the rapper is just 16 and only 16 years old, he has earned quite a bit of money from his hip-hop career as well as his fame on YouTube.

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Osama has his own YouTube channel called DDosamaofficial that has racked up over 100 million hits. He uploads music videos that have impressed his viewers and cultivated a large number of fans.

Apart from his YouTube channel Osama has also been the guest singer in the video for music “Party in the USA.”

While his career has been fairly quick, he’s already had several hits with his singles and projects. Some of his most popular singles are “The Struggle,” “The Return,” “Ain’t No Love In The Streets,” and “The Journey.”

Osama’s most recent singles, “Goin’ Crazy,” featuring Rylo Rodriguez along with “Worth It,” featuring YK Osiris both have received high praise from both fans and critics

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