‘LIB’ Exes Nick, Danielle Slam ‘Pathetic’ Nick Viall’s Mental Health Rant

Love Is Blinds Nick Thompson and Danielle Ruhl Slam Nick Viall

Nick Thompson, Danielle Ruhl and Nick Viall
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Not all reality TV stars see eye to eye. Love Is Blind’s Nick Thompson and Danielle Ruhl slammed Nick Viall for his insensitive comments about reality stars and their mental health after filming.

“Despite all the gifts, access and opportunities that come with it, the poor reality tv stars need your help. 🤢,” Viall, 42, wrote via Instagram on Thursday, April 27, seemingly referring the nonprofit Thompson, 37, started to benefit TV personalities. “Please donate to their ridiculous cause so they don’t deal with any stress while they enjoy their free Coachella experience, free clothes, and 5 figure pay days. Check out the full episode for the rest of the rant.”

The former Bachelor went off after learning that several former Love Is Blind participants claimed they were put through “emotional warfare” during their time on the show. (Thompson announced earlier this month that he created the UCAN Foundation, which aims to “provide mental health and legal support to past, current, and future reality TV contestants.”)

“The audacity. There’s so many problems going on in this world and these motherf—kers want you to solve this, what, world problem of the poor reality TV star who got to go on TV and become famous for no f—king reason [and] be gifted in Instagram followers,” Viall said on the Thursday episode of his “Viall Files” podcast in response to the LiB lawsuit and plea for donations.

The Wisconsin native, who shared the podcast clip via social media, quipped: “Let’s truly solve this insane problem. Once we solve this problem the world be a better f—king place. Give us your [money] because we don’t have trees to save. No, we have poor reality TV stars who aren’t smart enough to monetize their Instagram page.”

Thompson was quick to clap back at Viall’s remarks, writing in the comments section, “Wow! He’s really going to double down on this horrible take [w]hile shilling for reality TV productions over where he came from. SMH.”

The season 2 LiB star later claimed that the former Bachelorette contestant “deleted” his comment “almost as fast as I posted it.” He proceeded to call out Viall for his concerning message.

“@nickviall is doubling down on his horrific take. This is pathetic. Keep defending reality TV productions for their inhumane cast treatment from your studio and I’ll keep doing the right thing,” Thompson wrote via his Instagram Story on Thursday.

The product marketing consultant alleged that Viall is “not interested in having a conversation about mental health and reality TV exploitation, he’s interested in controlling the narrative,” adding, “Propaganda 101.”

Ruhl — who filed for divorce from Thompson in August 2022 after one year of marriage — agreed with her estranged husband about the negative effects Viall’s comments could have on someone who is struggling with their mental health.

“I directly messaged @nickviall before posting this about why what he said is triggering for some [people] and why certain parts should be edited out,” the 29-year-old wrote in response to the ABC personality’s podcast post, according to fan page @rosesinreality_. “There was no response and that’s why I’m posting this.”

The associate marketing director noted that whether fans “agree or disagree with my opinions of the BTS of LIB,” the issue goes “beyond” their perspectives and claimed that Viall’s choice to “continue to stigmatize mental health [and] talk negatively about suicide” was hard to listen to. (Ruhl is one of the Netflix personalities who detailed her alleged struggles to Business Insider earlier this month, claiming she told production that she was “having suicidal thoughts” and didn’t want to continue filming.)

The Illinois native further explained on Friday, April 28, why she thinks it’s “sad” that the Don’t Text Your Ex Happy Birthday author has spoken out against reality stars and their alleged hardships after being on TV.

“A cast member from Nick Viall’s own season died by suicide but he doesn’t believe that reality stars deserve any level of empathy because of [the] opportunities they get?” Ruhl wrote via her Instagram Story, seemingly referring to season 11 Bachelorette contestant Clint Arlis, who died by suicide in January 2022. “He literally gets paid to promote a mental health app. It’s all so hypocritical.”

If you or someone you know is struggling with their mental health, contact the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) National Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357).

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