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Luckiest Girl Alive Movie Review 2022 Mila Kunis creates a mysterious and Darkly sarcastic character in the new Netflix dramatic Thriller luckiest girl alive so should it be on your watch list

Luckiest Girl Alive Movie Review 2022
Luckiest Girl Alive Movie Review 2022

luckiest girl alive movie story in short

Ani Finelli is a sharp tongue New York. who appears to have it all a sought-after position at a glossy magazine a killer wardrobe and a dream Nantucket wedding on the horizon but when the director of a crime documentary invites her to tell her side of the shocking incident that took place when she was a teenager Ani is forced to confront A Dark Truth that threatens to unravel her meticulously crafted life

Does Luckiest Girl Alive Movie Based On Novel?

Yes this is based on the novel of the same name by Jessica Knoll now I’ve not had the opportunity to read that so I can’t speak to how closely this adaptation

Luckiest Girl Alive Movie is Two Timeline

sticks to the source material this is told in two timelines one in the present as we watch Mila Kunis as an adult Ani who’s working at a magazine and living the life of a fiancé to a rich dude.

the other story follows Kiara Aurelia as a younger Ani and it takes place when she was a high school student at a prestigious Prep School the flashback sequences they really help to inform and Define the behaviours and the mindsets that we see coming out in adult awning

Discuss About Luckiest Girl Alive Movie Horror part

now there were Horrors that happened when Ani was at school that are first hinted at and then shown to us in some fairly graphic detail the story elements are harrowing and they’re very disturbing and I think they’re really difficult to watch too both actresses do a wonderful job in portraying Ani in their particular stage of life and both have to convincingly portray a tough outer exterior that Shields them from the world but they have to be both strong and fragile all at once

I didn’t know what to expect going into this as I’d said I hadn’t read the novel and I also didn’t watch the trailer Kunis’s Ani comes across at times very temperamental and even sometimes privileged and spoiled which is then fed into by her surroundings and because of this at times it’s hard to sympathize with her to connect or even feel any compassion towards the character who appears to be lashing out when something tweaks her but as the story unfolds it’s very understandable why she reacts and protects herself

the way that she does even before we learn all of the terrible details over past there are building moments that soften Ani and show her to be someone who’s tried to move on but is still haunted by her fast I think that’s what makes this such a powerful story

Luckiest Girl Alive Movie Review 2022

we watch a huge transition of the character from somebody who started off a little confident but trying to figure out her life and then wanting to fit in with her peers to then seeing an appalling series of events that all but destroy Ani and the wake of Devastation that follows and then we witnessed this woman still trying to fit in and figure out her life but who also is at the breaking point of cowering or putting up with other people’s crap and the dismissal of her

there’s a moment that Kunis has with Jennifer Beals who plays on his boss and there is this short but important line of dialogue that really pushes Ani into action she’d been hemming and hawing about what she was going to do and attempting to try and please everybody around her and I love how this small conversation really kicks her into action

Mila Kunis gives a very raw performance especially with how visceral her emotions translate to us but I also really want to highlight Kiara Aurelia I mean she is the one to emote and act through several Dreadful and horrifying sequences but what comes after is what really stands out to me she captures me many different emotions all at once like fear shame Devastation anger rage and humiliation and she Cycles through them in her eyes and her face

despite her word sounding like she’s okay and this makes for a powerful performance because we can clearly see the conflict between how she says she is and how she appears she is and it’s easy to believe both because out of survival she has to make her words feel convincing to those around her just to save herself

additional trauma and hurt there’s an ongoing theme throughout the movie that’s of acceptance and we see it play out in several different Avenues

now adult Ani is riding at a magazine covering topics that she doesn’t want to in the hopes that this is going to be a stepping stone to get her to the place that she really wants to be this will allow her to show herself even those in her past that she’s made that she succeeded despite the major traumas that she had experienced

Ani plays a part of socialite finance to her extremely wealthy husband to be I mean she has the right clothes the accessories and the attitude to be accepted by his family but that mindset is always fighting against her truth which sometimes can rear its head in biting but humorous ways

we also see the relational struggle that Ani has with her mom and that’s been present throughout the entire story Ani wants to be accepted by her mom for who she is but also doesn’t want to be who she is she wants to be more so there’s a level of resentment that comes into their relationship and because of their financial status Ani’s Mom puts on air so that she can feel accepted by the future in-laws which then creates some cringy and uncomfortable dialogue

then finally we see the struggle that Ani goes through to accept herself and move away from her past this is the most powerful Arc I think in the story the trajectory is predictable but it’s what I was hoping for in an outcome so the obviousness was more of a reassurance and positive than any sort of detracting element

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the movie is just short of two hours and while some areas can feel a little slower as the information is eked out for us there’s a driving intensity to a lot of it just because of the Intrigue that’s inherent in the story

as the film draws us towards the actions of Ani’s past that really haunts her the pace quickens which I think creates Ang Just Energy now I found myself increasingly drawn into the drama and the story and then when everything reaches the climax I think it’s an ending that we can all root for

I mean are you going to be able to see it coming yeah but it’s earned and the resolution feels good and complete and it’s something that’s satisfying and it didn’t leave me wanting

so overall luckiest girl alive is traumatic frustrating mysterious and harrowing with superb acting from both Mila Kunis and Kiara Aurelia the actions are difficult to watch at times but the theme of acceptance that is woven throughout the story provides the vehicle for compelling storytelling there are many scenes that are extremely difficult to watch and may even come across as exploitative but they’re also necessary to highlight Injustice and inequity within the character Dynamics their sex no nudity a lot of profanity and then a ton of terrible violence including multiple scenes of sexual assault

I give luckiest girl alive 4 out of five couches so are there any dramas that you’ve seen recently that were surprisingly good I’d love to hear about them in the comments below if you enjoyed this review, please give a like also don’t forget to share


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