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How to fight 121
How to fight 121

How To Fight 121 Summary

In the show How to fight 121, Hobin Yoo, a slender teenager, maybe the last person you’d want to be the main character in the NewTube channel that is centered around fighting. But, after receiving some instructions from an unnamed NewTube channel Hobin soon finds himself battling opponents with more power than him and making more than he would have thought of. Is Hobin able to meet his match? is he able to sustain this?

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Main points of this section Of How to fight 121

Below are the main points of this section. The chapter is made available both on English in both French. If you’re unfamiliar these characters you can learn more about the characters by reading this article:

  • Lee Jinho, the main character in How To Fight 121 is Yoo. He’s a hardworking man who is employed in multiple jobs to pay his mother with food and.
  • He’s been kind and sincere to others, however his conduct could indicate that he has a darker aspect.
  • He is often trying to hide his true feelings and conceal the content on his NewTube channel. This could be one reason he was killed at the hands of Yoo Hobin.

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