Update Announce of 2017 Killings of Two Girls by Indiana Police 2022

Update Announce of 2017 Killings of Two Girls by Indiana Police 2022: New information was scheduled to go public on Monday about the killings of two teenagers at Delphi, Ind., authorities said.

2017 Killings of Two Girls
2017 Killings of Two Girls

Over the years, police have scrutinized hundreds of clues and spoken with possible suspects in connection with the deaths of Liberty German, 14, and her companion Abigail Williams, 13, who went missing on the 13th of February. 13th 17. The bodies of the two disappeared were discovered the next day, however, the investigation has not been completed. In the past year, a reward for information that led to the conclusion of the case grew to over $300,000.

10.30 a.m. Eastern time on Monday, a press event will begin at a local church in Delphi located about 70 miles to the northwest of Indianapolis. It was unclear what the authorities intended to release, however, several agencies such as those of the United States Marshals Service and the Carroll County Prosecutors Office, will be participating in the event, as per an announcement made by the Indiana State Police on Friday.

Liberty, also known as Libby and Abigail who was referred to as Abby they had both been eighth-grade students and vanished during a hike on the final day of the winter break. They started off around 1 p.m. near the  Monon High Bridge, an abandoned bridge that is located close to a trail of 10 miles called Delphi Historic Trail. Delphi Historic Trail, “to walk around and hang out,” the Indiana State Police said at the time of the.

The girls had planned to pick them at a later date however, when they did not appear, a friend phoned the police. The bodies of the girls were found on the following morning, in the woodlands, about half a mile away across the bridge.

In the course of time, clues to the case were revealed to the general public, attracting national attention because of a tape investigators obtained from Libby’s cell phone of a man who instructed the girls to “Down the hill.” The police released additional information from the phone, including a brief footage of an individual walking alongside the girls in the hope that someone could be able to recognize the man. The police also released a sketch of the suspect.

The police haven’t yet revealed what happened to the girls who were part of the school’s band, died however they have they have praised Libby for the video recordings. “This young lady is a hero, there is no doubt, to have enough presence of mind to activate the video system on her cellphone to record what we believe is criminal behavior that is about to happen,” Sergeant. Tony Slocum of the State Police stated at a news conference in the year 2017.

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Chief Douglas G. Carter of the State Police also said at the press conference that the killings were a perfect and obvious instance “that evil lives amongst us.” He also said: “Every time something like this occur, a little piece of us dies as well.”

Source: Nytimes

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