The Atlanta Falcons are trading away their former second-round pick in 2016 Dion Jones to the Cleveland Brown in  2019 Dion Jones signed a four-year 57  million dollar contract extension with  the Atlanta Falcons

the former pro bowler is currently on injured reserve and could return at any moment because it is week five in the regular season

the Falcons have been trying to trade Dion Jones for some time but were unable  to find a trade partner earlier in the off-season

the Cleveland Browns have  decided that they need some help at  linebacker since they struggled  to defend the run in this previous  Chargers game

the Chargers all together  were able to put up 238 rushing yards  against the Cleveland Browns that is not  gonna cut it

so they decided to make  some big moves in pick up Dion Jones the  former pro bowler Jones is in the final  year of his contract

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